• Player-made Minecraft house tutorials offer a variety of architectural styles, from cozy cottages to modern builds.
  • Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and design inspiration for creating unique and appealing houses that honestly just look drop-dead gorgeous, no matter what aesthetic you’re going for.
  • Consider your preferred house styles and available resources when choosing a tutorial for your Minecraft world.

As one of the most popular games ever made, there is certainly no shortage of content and fun to be had surrounding the sandbox game Minecraft. As the game is constantly in development, there is a steady stream of tutorials being released daily, teaching you different gameplay techniques or providing inspiration for building.


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No matter how you choose to play the game, every player will need to construct their very own residence to store their materials and protect themselves from dangerous monsters. If you are interested in finding the perfect house-building tutorial for your next Minecraft playthrough, then check out the list below.

Updated January 27, 2024 by John Wildermuth: As Minecraft is an ever-expanding game, it is no surprise that there are constant new tutorials posted every day on websites like YouTube. Each of these tutorials are focused on providing you with instructions and house-building ideas, ensuring that you can create the most appealing Minecraft home. We have updated this list to include even more Minecraft House Tutorials for you to peruse and utilize in your Minecraft worlds.

13 Large Cottage House

An image from Minecraft of a Large Cottage House, which is decorated with leaves, and made out of dark oak, spruce, and birch planks.
Croissant Cat

If there is one constant in the Minecraft community, it is that fans of the cottage aesthetic will continually pump out new creations and tutorials within the game. This tutorial is no different, as it takes a classic cottage and updates the house with more space and modern amenities.

Specifically, this tutorial features a glass sunroom on one side of the house, which can serve as a perfect crafting area. Furthermore, as this cottage is slightly bigger than others, you will have plenty of room to store your materials as you progress through the game.

12 Dark Oak House

An image from Minecraft of a smaller Dark Oak House, with grass on ther roof to create an earthen aesthetic.

If you find yourself yearning for a green aesthetic, then you can combine nature with your house build by constructing a rooftop garden. Specifically, Cyphur’s Dark Oak House tutorial demonstrates how the deep texture of the dark oak planks contrasts beautifully with the natural plants and grasses found throughout the world.

Just because the roof is made out of plants does not mean that the house needs to be overrun and unkempt, since the bottom of this build features manicured shrubs that line the sides of the house. As this build is somewhat modular, you can also continually create new wings of the house that serve specific functions, while the exterior continues to grow as well.

11 Brick House

An image from Minecraft of a classice house with a brick roof. This house is made out of logs and diorite.

By swimming in the vast amounts of rivers, lakes, and oceans in your Minecraft world, you’ll come across lighter blocks that, when mined, will give you clay. By smelting this resource back at your base, you can get bricks, which can then be turned into a variety of different brick blocks.


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These blocks are fantastic for creating chimneys and roofs, as they contrast nicely with lighter-toned blocks such as concrete, diorite, or sandstone. BigTonyMC’s Brick House tutorial is no exception to this rule, as he constructs a sizable base complete with a brick roof and distinctive tower, which will challenge your building expertise.

10 Botanical House

An image from Minecraft of a Botanical House, which was created by Zaypixel

Grass is not the only thing you can add to the roof of your Minecraft home, and the Botanical House tutorial by Zaypixel demonstrates how you can add custom mushrooms onto your roof. This specific house is modeled after an A-Frame house, meaning there is ample roof space for you to customize your creation.

By using moss blocks found in lush caves and collecting mushroom blocks with a silk touch pickaxe, you can easily decorate your roof to blend in with the natural surroundings. We also recommend placing the home in either a dark oak or spruce forest, as building in a mystical environment will really make your house fit in.

9 Suburban House

An image from Minecraft of a Suburban House made out of white quartz and stone bricks. This house resembles modern family homes from American suburbs.

Just because Minecraft may lean into a medieval and rugged aesthetic doesn’t mean that you have to solely build within these confines. A great example of this is taking inspiration from more contemporary building techniques, such as suburbs in the United States.

IrieGenie’s tutorial showcases how you can use Quartz and Stone Brick to build a classic, all-American home right inside your Minecraft world complete with a wrap-around porch and a peaked roof. Furthermore, you can even follow the interior tutorial as well, creating a modern kitchen, various bedrooms, and a storage area for anything you may mine throughout your playthrough.

8 Modern House

An image from Minecraft of a large Modern House. This structure is made out of different gray concerte and stone bricks, to provide a smooth and contemporary feeling to the build.

Another example of an out-of-the-box build is, well, creating a modern build made out of simplistic square boxes. Since Minecraft is completely made out of blocks, the contemporary and sleek architecture found throughout modern-day homes is a perfect match with the chunkiness of the game.

Also, since this architectural style borrows many designs from minimalism, you don’t have to worry about collecting a massive amount of materials to decorate the interior spaces of this project.

7 Cherry Blossom Fairy House

An image from Minecraft of a Cherry Blossom Fairy House built by Polar Cat
Polar Cat

While this Cherry Blossom house does feature more plants on the roof of the building, this specific tutorial by Polar Cat focuses on creating a mystical house that a fairy could inhabit. To create this house, you will want to mine a significant amount of Cherry Blossom wood, since you can turn these logs into beautiful pink planks.

Luckily, while this house may look overwhelming at first glance, it is actually somewhat of a basic shape, which ensures that you will not spend too long building it. Keep in mind that you may want to download a texture pack or some shaders to make the planks appear even lighter, since this will help improve the enchanting vibe of the house even more.

6 Medieval House

An image from Minecraft of a Medieval House And Tower, which are constructed on a cliff to overlook the landscape. This house has sloped rooves complete with bushes and lanterns.

In contrast to some of the modern houses on this list, Miner101’s medieval house features incredibly tall peaked roofs and a watchtower that perilously sits atop a steep cliff. While you can certainly construct this house anywhere you like, we recommend searching for a tall mountain range, as this house is truly made to sit perched on a cliff.

Before you begin your construction, you should focus on collecting a large amount of oak and spruce wood, as well as cobblestone, as these blocks will make up the majority of the structure. Furthermore, we also suggest creating scaffolding before you partake in this project, as you will need a way to safely reach the top of this build while you are creating the complex roof.

5 Japanese Cherry House

An image from Minecraft of a Japanese inspired Cherry House. This structure is made using the new types of wood added to the game, and is modeled after a Japanese temple.

As the Cherry Blossom biome is one of the newest additions to Minecraft, it is no surprise that fans of the game have created thousands of builds with the unique, pink-colored blocks that you can find in the biome. A great example of a Cherry Blossom house would be Stevler’s Japanese-inspired temple, as it combines new wooden blocks and a unique style to create a regal abode.

Specifically, the majority of this building is composed of the new cherry blossom wood and mangrove wood, which are each found in their respective biomes. The contrast between the red and pink creates a dashing roof, that only accentuates the dramatic Japanese architecture found throughout the rest of the building.

4 Dark Oak And Deepslate House

An image from Minecraft of a Dark Oak and Deepslate House by Lex The Builder
Lex The Builder

If you are a fan of deep tones and muted colors, then you will seriously want to try and construct Lex The Builder’s Dark Oak and Deepslate house tutorial. This is a classic build that combines multiple roofs made out of Deepslate blocks and a small watchtower.

By combining dark Deepslate blocks with Dark Oak or Spruce Logs, you can easily create an incredibly appealing build with only a small amount of effort. Finally, you can finish off the build by creating a small circle around the house and decorate any blank areas with plants.

3 Fantasy House

An iamge Minecraft from Minecraft of a large Fantasy House, complete with a blue roof made of wood from the Nether. This house has curved designs to create a whimsical building.

MassiveSpeck’s Fantasy Home is quite the unique entry, as it features a whimsical roof design and a vertical structure, distinguishing it from other house builds in Minecraft. The most important aspect of this build is the curved pieces of the roof, as it adds an aesthetic element to the project while also contributing variety to the vertical building.


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Furthermore, contrasting colors play another important role in this creation, as using dark oak with a blue roof will really make the building pop and appear all the more fantastical. We recommend using Warped planks from the nether, but you can also use prismarine blocks if you live near an ocean monument.

2 Large Wooden House

An image from Minecraft of a classic Wooden Mansion. This house combines the different wood types in minecraft, and adds a large tower, to create an appealing home.
Lex The Builder

If you are looking to build a classic Minecraft house, then Lex The Builder’s Large Wooden House is most definitely the perfect house for you. This structure is composed of many different types of wood, and features a chimney, a tower, peaked roofs, and an ample amount of space for anything that you may desire.

Specifically, you should focus on collecting Oak, Mangrove, and Spruce wood to construct the exterior of the house, as well as a large amount of stone bricks, as the observation tower is made out of this material. Generally, this house can fit within any Minecraft world, as the design of the building is quintessentially Minecraft.

1 Deepslate House

An image from Minecraft of a Deepslate Mansion, complete with diorite walls that contrast the dark color of the roof. This massive mansion is also made out of spruce logs and planks.

If you are a fan of a gothic aesthetic, then Sevaris’ Deepslate House is certainly the best option for you. This massive structure is made out of white blocks such as diorite, a roof made completely out of the dark Deepslate blocks found in caves, and spruce wood as an accenting block.

By combining these specific blocks together, as well as the occasional pop of green from lush cave leaf blocks, your house will exude an aura of elegance while also looking somewhat imposing and ominous. Overall, while this house is certainly a marvel to look at, we recommend only constructing this gorgeous home if you are an experienced builder, as this will take up a large amount of time in survival mode.


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